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Joanna Cooper Pain Management.


Having suffered with very bad head aches for around 5 years and gone through surgery to relieve these headaches I was still suffering. I came to peter with a simple request but one that would make a big difference to me. I wanted him to help me manage the pain of having a headache all day every day.


Being meet with the confidence and reassurance that it would not be a problem I once immediately put at ease. I was put under 'trance' and found the whole experience to be very relaxing. I came out of the trance and left the session feeling confident and relaxed.


I can now manage my pain so much better and the headaches have become less frequent. I am now not having to take pain killers as much and can deal with the pain when it does come not that it does happen that much.


I would recommend Peter Eade to everyone. I found him very relaxing and confident I am very happy with my results.

​Sat 11th Jan 2014

Mrs Joanna Cooper


​Tue 3rd Dec 2013

Miss Tanya Isgar

Peter is a genuine therapist with the best individual care for his client. I had a problem with OCD and I found it taking over my life!


I was scared of talking to someone about it but peter made me feel safe and welcome so I was able to explain my problems.


I would recomend him and the work he does.





Thur 28th Nov 2013

Mr Jon Young

I had a really big probem with smoking and it was getting the point I could not even play with my boy. I had tried all the things on the market and they had not worked for me.


I gave pete a call and all I wish is that I had done this first!


He gave me the feeling and the tools to enable me to stop smoking, I was unable to see how I would live my life without the things that had been such a big part of it but now I can not really see what the need to smoke was.


give it a go, its worth it!   

Glad to